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You’ll be glad to know that Kubota expanded their product line to include compact construction equipment and they’ve carried their excellent reputation for quality product with them. If you’re looking for construction equipment and attachments, look to Huber for Kubota: skid steers loaders, track carriers, mini excavators and wheel loaders.

When you need to push, haul, level or dig something, do it with a Kubota Skid Steer from Huber Equipment. These machines are incredibly comfortable and the intuitive controls make for easy handling and operation. If you’d prefer a machine with tracks, you will probably want to consider the Kubota Compact Track Loader. This powerful piece of iron has superior stability and their performance and durability makes them perfect for the toughest of worksite operations. You can decide between wheels or tracks depending on the types of construction jobs, what seasons and situations you’ll be using it in and what you’re most comfortable with.

You will immediately be confident in these powerful machines and what they can do on a worksite.

At Huber, you’ll find compact construction equipment from Kubota. Kubota mini-excavators are engineered to handle heavy loads in tight spaces with a powerful digging force that will only increase productivity. If you’re ever going to participate in an Excavator Rodeo, like we did at the Grand Opening of our Smithers location, we suggest the Kubota Excavator because they’re easy to learn to operate and have incredible dexterity. Each model of Kubota excavator comes with different features that will be attractive to you for any number of reasons; your needs are unique and you will choose what’s best for you. Regardless of the model you choose, you can expect impressive stability and maximum power. All of this equipment pays attention to operator comfort and superb performance, which is all powered by Kubota’s esteemed engines.