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Tractor Loader Backhoes

Loading, digging, back-filling or trenching, Huber Equipment has you covered. With Tractor Loader Backhoes and Wheel Loaders to help you get the job done right.

Huber Equipment and many throughout northern British Columbia have a very strong history of us providing quality product and service. Kubota, our flagship brand, has a full lineup of Tractor Loader Backhoes and Wheel Loaders available for you. They’re reliable, dependable, versatile and easy to operate.

Kubota Wheel Loaders also feature power, performance and durability. They’re built with legendary Kubota reliability, with articulation and frame oscillation for superior maneuverability and control on uneven ground. Count on 4-wheel drive for strong traction on the trickiest terrain, even mud, sand or snow.

Our crew here at Huber is ready to help find the right Tractor Loader Backhoe or Wheel Loader for you. Contact us today.

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Depending on what you are looking to purchase we have a few different finance options available to best suit your needs. Let’s talk and sort out the best option for you.

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